Ten miles North of Silsbee, on the point at the intersection of Wiley Mae Road and the Old Spurger Highway.

Know Your Church

There is a library in the hallway of the fellowship building stocked with movies, music and books, reference materials, sermon tapes, etc. that members may check out any time the building is open. Nelda Powers is our librarian.

We don't “pass the plate” here, except for special offerings. If you want to give a tithe or offering or submit a prayer request for the prayer list, there is a wooden box on a table in the foyer for those things. If you do submit a prayer request, please put your name and phone number on it and don't forget to keep us updated about the request. Deana Bean maintains & prepares the prayer request list.

A Baptist church is a democracy. Therefore, all adult members have an equal say in the business and activities of the church. The monthly business meetings are your opportunity to come together prayerfully and under the leadership of the Holy Spirit to discuss and vote on matters before the church.

Communion, or The Lord's Supper, is one of the ordinances of the church. It is a time of solemn reflection, and should only be partaken if one is a Christian. You do not have to be a member of Wiley Mae Community Baptist to participate, but do check your relationship with Christ by the intercession of the Holy Spirit beforehand, because to take of it lightly is to bring condemnation down on your own head. We take Communion every 5th Sunday or when the membership feels it is appropriate to do so.

Missions:  As a church, we support the Christian Care Center in Silsbee, Bethany World Ministries and the Texas Baptist Home for Children.  The Christian Care Center provides help to people in a financial emergency with food, help with utilities and prescriptions.  Bethany World Ministries is led by missionary Sherrie Bumstead Avery and serves the Lord by providing the people of the Southern Africa Region with much needed medical care and equipment.  Along the way, they share the love of God and witness.  The Texas Baptist Home for Children has been caring for orphaned and neglected children since 1910.

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